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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 13th Jan 2022 08:56
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  5. Can you install Windows 7 pro on the Split x2
  6. foxprints
  7. 4 - 5 minutes
  9. I have an HP 13 Split x2 loaner that I installed Windows 7 on. The process isn't that difficult but can present challenges to those unfamiliar with EFI/UEFI, GPT, Legacy Support, Secure Boot, etc. If you find yourself having troubles installing Windows 7, post back with a detailed description of the issue.
  13. ****Disclaimer*****
  15. HP doesn't recommend the installation of Windows 7 on a computer shipped with Windows 8, nor will it support the installation of Windows 7. HP will not provide Windows 7 drivers and suitable drivers may not be available for the hardware in the computer. Also, Windows 7 may not support some of the hardware or software features designed for the computer.
  17. Make sure you create your HP Recovery Discs or USB Flash Recovery media before modifying or changing ANYTHING.
  19. You will need to DISABLE "Secure Boot" and maybe ENABLE "Legacy Support" in the "BIOS Secure Boot configuration" on the settings page shown below, before you can attempt to install Windows 7;
  21. or
  23. Select Enabled
  25. Additionally, as the hard drive may be partitioned as GPT, you may have to boot the computer using the "UEFI - CD/DVD drive" or "UEFI - USB Flash drive" options in the "F9" boot menu. If "UEFI - CD/DVD drive",  "UEFI - USB Flash drive" or something to that effect doesn't exist in the boot menu, please post a screen shot and/or descibe the listed boot options.
  27. I suggest using Windows 7 SP1 for the best installation experience. If you need Windows SP1, please see "How to Install Windows 7 Without the Disc" to download and create your own Windows 7 SP1 disc. If the DVD refuses to boot as UEFI, you may need to use a USB Flash drive (may require DISABLING "Fast Boot" in the BIOS) as the installation media. Please download the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool to create a Windows 7 SP1 USB Flash drive. Please note that some computers may not recognize a valid UEFI enabled USB Flash drive if it is formatted as NTFS and may require a FAT32 formatted USB Flash drive. You should be able to make a FAT32 formatted Windows 7 installation USB Flash drive using Rufus, UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer, or WiNToBootic. I like Rufus, as it has options for "GPT partition scheme for UEFI computer" and "FAT32".
  29. Please use the following Windows 7 driver;
  31. 1) Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver
  33. 2) Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver
  35. 3) Intel USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver
  37. 4) Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
  39. 5) Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver
  41. 6) Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 7*
  43. 7) Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth® technology for Windows 7*
  45. 8) Realtek Card Reader Driver
  47. 9) Synaptics TouchPad Driver
  49. 10) IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver
  51. Install all Microsoft .NET Framework updates from Windows Update, then install the Intel Smart Connect Technology Driver.
  53. After installing the above recommended drivers, please post the Windows Device Manager's "Hardware Ids" (just the string of text, please) for all remaining missing or unknown devices.
  55. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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  59. Frank
  61. ***** Please click the "White Kudos" Thumbs Up to say THANKS for helping *****
  62. ***** Please click the "Accept As Solution" on my post, if my help solved your issue *****
  63. ***** This is a user supported forum. I am a volunteer and I don't work for HP *****
  65. HP a1632x - Windows 7, 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6450
  66. HP p6130y - Windows 7, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6450
  67. HP p6320y - Windows 7, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GT 240
  68. HP p7-1026 - Windows 7, 6GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6450
  69. HP p6787c - Windows 7, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GT 240
  70. HP ENVY x360 m6-w103dx - Windows 10, 8GB RAM, Intel HD 520

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